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Ravi Raja Varma: Nothing better than a combo like this! Being a Developer, I could gain insights into various platforms like S4 HANA, Simple Logistics and Simple Finance, which has really enriched my skill set and gave me an edge amongst co workers. The idea of learning most demanding HANA technologies through a single course is just wonderful. The trainers are doing a great job. I just love the Integration of various technologies together.
Rating : (4.8 / 5)


Lilith: The Cost of the course is affordable than I expected, Moreover thank you so much for providing the freebies like – Lifetime access to Dropbox and 6 months access to the server.
Rating : (4.8 / 5)


Saketh: Thanks for the wonderful HANA training.
I have been certified from the balajipro academy on S/4 Hana. I was just amazed with the quality of the video. The complete course was beautifully designed. Thank you so much for allowing us to call anytime, your 24/7 support really helped me a lot.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Balakrishna: I have taken sap hana training with the balajipro academy. Since there are so many technologies involved getting your query resolved at the right time becomes the most important aspect. But with balajipro ACADEMY there was no such problem as all my queries were resolved in less than 12 hours.
Rating : (4.7 / 5)


Suresh: Balajipro Academy S/4 Hana online training is really worth for my career, thank you so much for providing the training at affordable price.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Raju Chenna: I completed my S/4 Hana training thanks to BalajiPro academy. I personally feel that BalajiPro academy is the right place to embark on a successful S/4 Hana career. I shall definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Maneesh: The training in S4 HANA by BalajiPro  checks all the right boxes. The course material was very detailed and oriented towards equipping me with practical skills rather than bookish knowledge. All thanks to BalajiPro.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Prameela Bansali: Full marks for the BalajiPro academy support team for providing excellent support services. Since S/4 Hana was new to me and I used to have many queries but the support team was very qualified and very patient in listening to my queries and resolve it to my highest expectations. Thanks again.
Rating : (4.8 / 5)


Akmal: The BalajiPro Academy S/4 Hana training came with incredible support from the organization. I had multiple doubts in HANA technology since it is a bit complicated but thanks to the talented team at BalajiPro Academy support. I was 100% on track to mastering S/4 Hana technology within the stipulated time.
Rating : (4.9 / 5)


Akbar vali: The BalajiPro Academy training and the support that they offered were really top quality. I have only positive reviews for the entire online training. Great to learn at BalajiPro Academy!!! Even I referred my friends also..
Rating : (5 / 5)

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