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Balajipro Academy Reviews

Michael: Anyone out there looking for a IT INDUSTRY training can please go to BalajiPro Academy. The trainer was very experienced and can guide you through all the problems YOU have in IT INDUSTRY. So please contact BalajiPro Academy and try the training. Right place to up lift your career the to high extent.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Rajesh Shukla: This S/4 Hana Trainer is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate to help the students. He would explain concepts different ways Using real-time case studies until everyone understood. The training is fast paced, a lot of information taught in a short period of time. It is all worthwhile. Best value for money spent.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Prajval: 100% worth full, the way of teaching is excellent. i observed that there is a lot of difference between balajipro academy and other institutes in training methodology. i got the very good subject. the faculty is very knowledgeable and practical oriented.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Varma P: S/4 Hana and ABAP Hana training conducted by balajipro academy are excellent. I have gained best knowledge of S/4 Hana and ABAP Hana. his way of explaining is very clear and he has covered all the topics in detail. I would recommend everybody to use balajipro for S/4 Hana training to fullest – whoever wants to make a career in S/4 Hana based my training experience.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Charan: Hi all I learn a lot of stuff throughout the MM. I am so happy with the Trainer for all their support and guidance.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Krishna: Training is very very good. The way they are teaching the subject is awesome. I am fully satisfied with the training. this rating is very less to this Academy. if it is 10 rating i will give 10 out of 10. Thank you Barajipro Academy
Rating : (5 / 5)


Akhila Mathew: I stay in Mumbai. Due to an upcoming project in my company, I was supposed to learn HANA. Keeping busy schedule and thinking of traffic outside, I decided to go for online classes. I started researching and BalajiPro Academy on Google. Happy that I chosen this institute for completing the course.
Rating : (4.7 / 5)


Kumar: From my Personal View, I Recommend BalajiPro Academy for S/4 Hana Training. The trainer was great with good teaching skills and has excellent experience in industry solutions.
Rating : (4.6 / 5)


Lakshmi Ragava: A big thank you to the entire BalajiPro Academy HANA Team! You have delivered a great HANA online certification training course, with equally informative HANA online sessions. Highly experienced and qualified HANA trainers made the learning process completely effortless and enjoyable for me. I am extremely happy for having enrolled for the best HANA training..!
Rating : (4.8 / 5)


Lahari: I was trying to self study for the S/4 Hana exam for past couple of years and wasn’t able to complete it. Then through online found BalajiPro Academy, enrolled and completed the HANA certification just in 3 months. Have been in the IT industry for past 15 years and consider BalajiPro Academy as one of the best for training. Thanks BalajiPro Academy team.
Rating : (5 / 5)

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