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Balajipro Academy Reviews

Sidhardh: I am glad about this institution who offered me fine classes for S/4 HANA with the duration of the class is Two and half months, Thanks to the trainer who provided me, valuable classes.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Setti: I enrolled in the BalajiPro Academy HANA training and they provided incredible training that is among the best in the industry. I am really grateful to BalajiPro Academy.
Rating : (4.7 / 5)


Archana: The BalajiPro Academy training and support were really excellent. They promised that they will resolve my queries in less than 24 hours that’s exactly they did and that too to my fullest expectations. Due to this, there was no impediment to my learning process. I am really grateful to BalajiPro Academy.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Ravishankar Nimma: Nice trainig of  S4 HANA. Thanks to Trainer..
Rating : (4.4 / 5)


Sarnoj: I really appreciate BalajiPro Academy in the field of professional IT training. I have gone through S/4 Hana training and trainer and course well directed and with great satisfaction. I also appreciate technical support from the team for providing necessary help on time and making comfortable. Special thanks to Mr. Nagarjuna for various and clearing my answers on training related queries.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Bhojraj: I did the FICO training. Excellent job covering all aspects of FICO. His expertise and passion of the S/4 Hana field is amazing. He provided valuable insight. I was hesitant about the online training but it worked out really well due to convenience and ability to watch class recordings again. I definitely recommend the training to anyone interested in S/4 Hana field. BalajiPro Academy took the time to answer any questions and issues I had.
Rating : (4.6 / 5)


Teja: Thanks to BalajiPro. The good online training institute
Rating : (4.5 / 5)


Raghuvaran: I am extremely happy with my training and time with BalajiPro Academy. Trainer is very smart who got sound knowledge in S/4 Hana . I will recommend BalajiPro Academy to anyone who wants to get in to HANA. I have learned and gained good knowledge about S/4 Hana…
Rating : (5 / 5)


Veena: I had attended a couple of demo session with other training institutes before joining BalajiPro Academy. I can safely say BalajiPro Academy is one of the best training Institutes. They have good trainers with excellent communication skills. It has a very good support team which is always ready to help you.
Rating : (5 / 5)


Aditya A: I had a awesome experience with BalajiPro Academy, started my learning with S/4 Hana and got comprehensive understanding of each topics, would definitely like to give more than 5 stars to BalajiPro Academy and I’m am planning to take S/4 Hana course. Keep doing the hard work and keep rocking.
Rating : (5 / 5)

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